Where is optical tracking used?

There are many different applications for tracking technology. Tracking is an efficient and natural way for the user to interact with the computer, by using his body and acting in the real world without using a keyboard or mouse.

On the following pages you will find an overview about the major fields, in which ART tracking systems are currently used.

ART tracking operates with various software systems. Interfaces have to be used to transfer the tracking data into the software. Read more about the available interfaces and the supported software.



"State Grid developed a VR simulation training system which gives the trainees a chance to practice their future work using realistic training tasks. With the help of the high accuracy of ART’s optical tracking system, our training system has finally come to life.
We believe that ART’s motion tracking products along with their great customer service helps us gain the maximum value from our VR training simulator.”

Jack Li, Director of State Grid’s Jiangsu Electric power company technician training center