Why use eye tracking?

The combination of eye tracking with optical head tracking gives accurate lines of sight, while the user is able to move freely within the tracking area. Several interfaces allow the use of our cameras with eye tracking systems. Please refer to the respective websites for more information.

Interface for ASL EYE-TRAC® 6 series

With support of EST and Immersion we developed an interface for the EYE-TRAC® 6 series (tested with version and from ASL. The interface provides the conversion from our format to the ASL data format. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to use this interface.

Interface for SMI Eye Tracking Devices:

SMI Eye Tracking Glasses (www.eyetracking-glasses.com) advance mobile eye tracking applications in CAVE environments and other virtual worlds. With ART’s targets, Volfoni’s ActiveEyeTM technology and the VRPN interface, SMI's glasses-type eye tracker combines mobile eye tracking with realistic 3D user experience and full head and motion tracking support. For the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses and other SMI mobile eye tracking solutions, the SMI Software Development Kits give access to real-time eye tracking data and allow for integration with custom applications.
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More information: www.smivision.com/contact

Use case:
As part of the RAiCe project, the DLR connected a TRACKPACK system with an iView X™ eye tracking from SMI in order to track several persons in the Tower- or Cockpit-Simulator at the German Aerospace Center. Please contact the DLR for more information.

Interface for Arrington Research Eye tracking systems

ART tracking has also been interfaced with eye tracking systems from Arrington Research. This interface was developed by the A.I. Group at Bielefeld University, Germany, as part of the research project SFB 673.

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