ART's second user conference was again a very intense and global get together of the key-players within
the VR/AR business offering:

  • an attractive exhibition with key-partners from the software, hardware and integrator business
  • professional lectures presenting various use cases of the industrial, academic and vendors' perspective
  • and despite the fact that the number of visitors was quite manageable, it was a valuable come together of very interested representatives of important industry companies

And last but not least visitors stated a good exchange of experiences and future trends between all participants,
in a very positive, inspiring and familiar atmosphere....!


Get here some impressions of the event:

ARTDAYS2015 video


If you like to have a look at the presentations held during the event, you can find the released ones in our Download Center.

Our partners

We'd like to thank all our exhibition partners for their great support and their professional and various
demonstrations at the event!

Visitors were very satisfied by the exhibition's quality and

"....could benefit from a very broad and future-oriented survey of the VR/AR business."

3Dims, inventor of "portable reality", is one of the top names when it comes to 3D Virtual Reality solutions.

Along with hardware and software partners, 3Dims offers comprehensive consulting, components and complete solutions (portable and stationary stereo projection systems, computers and software) for all applications and industries including: computer-aided engineering (CAE), Manufacturing, Chem-Pharm, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) , medicine, (interior) architecture, etc. more


Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization products - encompassing the entire visualization spectrum...

...for a variety of selected professional markets: entertainment & corporate, healthcare, industrial & government, and defense & aerospace. By offering top-quality, user-friendly imaging products, we enable our customers to optimize productivity and business efficiency.
Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels: BAR) employs about 4,000 people in over 90 countries. Our facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing span the globe - from Europe and the Americas through to Asia Pacific. Barco posted sales of 1.158 billion euro in 2013.”


The company Haption is a leading manufacturer of haptic/force-feedback solutions for professional applications.

We provide hardware and software modules for physical interaction with 3D contents. Our hardware products offer 6 degrees-of-freedom force output with strong torques and a large workspace. Our software plug-ins for the major CAD platforms are used for assembly and maintenance validation of digital prototypes; when combined with a motion tracking system, they provide real-time animation of human models for ergonomic assessment. Other application domains include academic research, nuclear facilities decommissioning, medical training and surgical assistance. more


Imsys is a leading provider of virtual reality and advanced visualisation environments for all aspects of corporate communications.

We accompany our customers from the first idea how to successfully use 3D visualisation in daily business, on the selection and integration of appropriate visualisation solutions to professional assistance in daily use. more

Institute for Mechatronics e.V. (IfM)

The Institute of Mechatronics e.V. pursues applied research on dynamics simulation aiming at numerical determination of dynamic characteristics of mechanical and mechatronic systems.

This research gives rise to software solutions as the enabling factor for digital product development. The developed simulation methods allow for analyzing essential dynamics parameters, such as braking stability and ride comfort, vibration amplitudes in machines, but also loads and motion patterns for the evaluation of human motion in sports and production processes. Such dynamic parameters enable estimating the quality of products and processes. A high fidelity estimation of such characteristics has far-reaching economic implications ranging from product reliability, lightweight design, an efficient use and generation of energy, and, in case of human motions, maintenance of health and workforce. More about IfM: more

Light & Shadows

Light & Shadows is multi specialist in virtual reality including: -Softwares Development (Tessellation and low latency streamer)

Production of VR content (real time photo-realistic and augmented reality), design of unique VR products and customized VR lab projects (on demand).
The company was established in 2009 with its headquarter located in the Paris area. 25% of the fixed charges are allocated to R&D and 95% of the employees are dedicated to engineering.
Thanks to its experience and know how, Light and Shadows collaborates with major industries: Automotive (PSA Group, Peugeot, Citroën), Aeronautics / Aerospace (Dassault Aviation, Airbus Group), Transport, Railway (Alstom), Research laboratories (CEA Nuclear Institute), training, assist Solutions (AFPA) and architecture (Building Companies).
The development of Softwares such as “PIXYZ” allows CAD data conformation for all purposes.
The 3D content is developed for all kind of Medias from photo-realistic pre-calculated images to photo-realistic real time mockup, and augmented reality, videos, 360°…
Light and Shadows creates and produces a full range of virtual reality interactive tools: “NODE”, “SENSO”, “CORE”, and NEO wireless HMD (under development).
The trademark is innovation, pro-activity, in constant search of quality to satisfy customers demand in full confidentiality.
With its expertise Light and Shadows can respond to a wide spectrum of VR constraints in finding new and complete solutions adapted to the industrial challenges of tomorrow.
For further information please contact: or at +33 1 75 60 18 01


more3D professionalizes in easy, efficient and flexible VR software.

Realtime conversion of convential 3D software for stereoscopic 3D multiwall visualization with tracking support is done by the new moreViz software.


OPTIS is a world-leading simulation and advanced visualization company in virtual reality (VR).

OPTIS solutions enhance the accuracy & realism of 3D virtual prototyping with the physics based simulation of light, material, human vision & ergonomics. OPTIS solutions are used for upfront decision making, saving money by avoiding costly mistakes later in the design process. OPTIS solutions offer the chance to really understand physical data, to interact with it and to foster communication between designers, manufacturers, trainers, marketers and senior management. Since integrating its solutions in SolidWorks in 2001, CATIA V5 in 2002, Pro/ENGINEER in 2008 and Siemens NX in 2014, OPTIS is still the only company to provide a light simulation solution fully based on a physical model inside a CAD/CAM software. OPTIS has delivered more than 7000 licenses to 1800 customers in 38 countries worldwide. Users include most of the major automotive, aerospace, electronics, white goods and lighting manufacturers, as well as architects, universities, research laboratories and defence agencies. They use the OPTIS technology to design, simulate and visualize in a Virtual Reality environment, products as diverse as automotive lighting, mobile phone screens and keypads, dashboard and cockpit displays, LCDs, LEDs, luminaires, military detection systems and optics for industrial vision, defence and medical applications. more

Schneider Digital

Schneider Digital Josef J. Schneider e. K. has been specialized on the production and distribution of tailor-made professional 3D hardware solutions since its establishment in 1995.

From the very beginning Schneider Digital has been serving the following industries: GEO informatics systems, CAX, architecture, science, medical, animation, film/TV and digital imaging.
The company’s expertise is focused on the selection, configuration and integration of the appropriate hardware, at the same time concentrating on the best possible configuration for maximum operating speed at maximum system stability.
We obtain strong ties with the development departments of our manufacturers as well as the manufacturers of our most important software applications and do not rely on benchmark tests but on empirically gained results!
Schneider Digital also delivers tailor-made, sophisticated software solutions to our valued customers and is specialized in graphic-intensive computer applications.
In today's rapidly changing global markets, up-to-date know-how is inevitable and our biggest challenge, but also the most important investment for our customers! Our solutions are tailor made and fine-tuned to your individual needs!


TechViz’s software technology helps to display virtual prototypes directly from your desktop -

3D CAD, PLM, geospatial and simulation applications- into a “virtual environment” for project design, planning or reviews.
Our portfolio of features and options helps simulating a working prototype, fine tuning a new model design, validating the desired product performance, or evaluating the impact of product’s usage within its operating environment.
With TechViz XL, users display their 3D virtual prototypes in real time in high resolution directly from the desktop 3D application in a 3D virtual environment, without data conversion. Users will be in a fully immersive environment using a tracking system. Compatible with a large range of Virtual Reality applications, it enables 3D stereo and supports 1:1 scale. more


Virtalis is one of the world's leading visualisation and Virtual Reality companies. We develop, market and support advanced interactive visualisation solutions

which enable companies to achieve optimal product development cycles, bring winning products to market faster and which foster and enhance understanding and communication.
Our mission is to share with others, and have them adopt, the tools and techniques of seeing, understanding and working in 3D so that they may gain a competitive advantage.
Our unique approach to solving interactive visual challenges with a complete, integrated system helps our customers deliver high value at low cost. Virtalis customers include many of the world's most innovative companies in the aerospace and defence, automotive, construction, entertainment, industrial equipment, medical and retail industries. We also serve many leading universities and academic research institutions.
More about Virtalis:


VirtualPaint combines our proprietary software with state-of-the-art tracking hardware and a real (customized) spray gun to create an on-screen virtual environment for spray painter training.

The realism and functionality of the system are uncanny and can best be compared to simulator airline pilot training. To name just a few of VirtualPaint's training advantages: Unlimited individual or group classroom training sessions for students; immediate, quantitative and unbiased feedback on film thickness, transfer efficiency, spray techniques, paint cost; instructor designed paints specifications, lessons and lesson plans; evaluation mode; competition mode; spray gun controls and movements are accurately reproduced, no paint or supplies cost, no equipment cleaning, no use of spray booth, filters, protective clothing/masks or special permits; no pollution, negligible energy cost, no environmental impact; rapid return on investment. VirtualPaint is a serious educational tool specifically designed for training purposes. more


VISCON is one of the leading suppliers of the products for 3D projection and simulation displays, in the large-screen visualization, visualization for science applications and Visual Inspection and Quality Control.

VISCON develops and delivers high-performance VR-Center, starting with 1-channel stereo on- or rear projections, flat, multichannel multi-large-screen rear projections (VR Powerwall), multichannel, curved stereo-multi-large-screen rear projections (Simulation Dome), full immersive 3D-room installations, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-sided (VR Cave), 2-flat, L-shaped 3D-projections (VR Bench), up to high-performance air traffic control simulators (Simulation Space). VISCON is an independent company. We are in a position to deliver all projection technologies of different vendors, which exactly matched to the needs of customers. Thus we are in a position to realize the complete integration of VR displays. Our performance is characterized by our core competencies and by our flexibility in conjunction with fast response times. The technical progress in VR and the optimal use of various components open us the possibility, to realize the visions and desires of our customers. We offer our customers no standard solutions, but shall jointly develop the optimal solution for the requirement asked. Our expertise stems from a variety of successful projects and customer installations in the industries of Automotive, Aerospace and Transportation and the machinery and plant construction. Renowned institutions from research and teaching are also on our know-how. Together with our strong partners, who know the individual requirements and process steps in every detail, we are working on innovative visualization solutions, to open decisive advantages in global competition to our customers. more


VRLOGIC is your professional partner and supplier of stereo 3D technology and solutions. Innovative and sophisticated products are what we offer.

Visit us and receive hands-on demonstrations on an extensive set of applications for Training/Education, Presentation, Digital Mock-Up, technical documentation, Simulation, Bio- & Medical technology.
Take advantage from our over 20year experience in application-oriented 3D solutions to accelerate knowledge retention, research & development, increase workflow productivity, visualize and analyze complex processes to shorten decisions and finally raise the value-added chain in your organization.

Programme Day 1 - Thursday, March 5, 2015



A.R.T. GmbH General Management


Keynote: BUILT FOR IT - Immersive Visualization at Caterpillar

Galen W. Faidley
Caterpillar Inc., USA

The depth and breadth of Caterpillars’ product line provides a unique product development challenge. This talk will briefly introduce the challenge, provide an overview of how Caterpillar is using simulation to address some of that challenge, and then provide an in depth look at Caterpillar’s use of immersive visualization. Immersive visualization has become an integral part of Caterpillar’s global product development process and the in depth view will cover lessons learned from the companies 20+ years of experience with the technology.

Galen Faidley is an Engineering Project Team Leader with the Virtual Product Development division at Caterpillar Inc. He holds bachelors and masters degrees in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University. Galen joined Caterpillar in 2004 and now leads the immersive visualization team. His team’s responsibilities including the research, global deployment, and use of immersive visualization technology to support Caterpillar’s product development needs. Prior to joining Caterpillar he worked for six years as a research assistant at the Virtual Reality Application Center in Ames, IA.


Virtual Engineering

Make Technology and Business Come Alive - Embed insights to drive action and deliver value

Prof. Dr. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Jivka Ovtcharova
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Methods and tools of Virtual Engineering allow embedding experiences into business processes, defining analytics solutions, work flows and simulations making insights more understandable and valuable. The use of immersive and interactive visualization technologies helps perceiving virtual objects with all senses. This approach results in an important redefinition of the overall product creation process and provides an earlier detection of potential engineering problems leading to an essential reduction of engineering changes and prototype builds.

Jivka Ovtcharova is Full Professor, Head of the Institute for Information Management in Engineering (IMI) since October 2003 and founder of the Lifecycle Engineering Solutions Center (LESC) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), established in June 2008. In addition, she is Director for Process and Data Management in Engineering (PDE) at the Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe (FZI) since 2004. Before, she worked at the International Technical Development Center at Opel as a leader of a Process and Systems Integration Center of GM Europe, the SME Tecmath, the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics in Darmstadt, as well as the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia.


From Immersive to a Visual Experience

Ralf Rabätje / Mathias Wochnig
Dassault Systemes 3DExcite GmbH

Ralf Rabätje joined ART´s management team as COO in September 2011. After studying computer science and completing his PhD at the University of Hannover on the simulation of flexible hoses for Virtual Reality assembly simulations, he moved to industry to head the Virtual Reality department at Volkswagen Group Research. During his time at VW, he took part in a research project in Australia and gained valuable experience in factory planning during a secondment to Audi AG in Neckarsulm. Since January 2014 Ralf joined 3DExcite as the head of the Innovation for Customer team. Here he is leading the development of new solutions for customers.

Mathias Wochnig is responsible for the European unit of Design & Development Solutions at Dassault Systèmes brand 3DExcite. Prior to joining Dassault Systèmes in April 2014, Mathias Wochnig was part of the management team at ART GmbH where he started his career in 2006. During his time at ART he was responsible for global sales and support activities and established the APAC Office in Shanghai. Mathias studied at Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany, and at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil and holds a master degree in engineering.


Exhibition fast forward

Quick presentation of each exhibition booth by their partners


Advancing the tracked environment for ergonomic design

Brian Waterfield
Jaguar Landrover, UK

Virtual Reality & High-end Visualisation Technical Lead
I have worked at Jaguar Land Rover for the last 14 years, and have evolved the virtual reality and high-end visualisation over the pass 7. Technologies has always fascinated me and lead me back to university to achieve a master degree with distinction in Virtual reality, high-end visualisation gaming technology; which enabled me to apply this knowledge to the development of our vehicles. I set up the VRcentre in 2008 which at the time, lead the automotive world in resolution and functionally, it comprised of three walls and a ceiling offering 4xhd and multifunctional graphics. I have developed technics to enable visual perception of our brands DNA, along with ergonomic process that have aided the development of challenging design like the Evoque.
Over the pass 6 five year I have matured the virtual support and last year finished an extension to the VRcentre, renaming it the virtual innovation centre and introducing state of the art technology and resource to further enhance virtual innovation. I am a strong believer in this technology changing the engineering and design landscape, so I continue to work with universities to challenge the real world.


The Window To The World project

AR for Product Development & Manufacturing process validation at Audi

Thomas Jouhanneau

How AUDI AG is using Augmented Reality to accelerate detection of construction and design errors by overlaying the virtual CAD 3-D model on the real prototype.
The keynote will be focused on the system “Window To The World”, a system developed by Metaio in collaboration with ART for AUDI AG to reduce time and cost during prototyping assembly phases.

Thomas Jouhanneau holds a French-German Industrial Engineering Master’s degree both from the Munich University of Applied Sciences, and from the EPF, Graduate School of Engineering. With his international experience, he began his career in 2012 at Metaio, the worldwide leader in Augmented Reality software and technology. As a member of the Industrial Solutions team he specialized in providing tailor-made AR solutions. He is currently in charge of Technical Solutions and ensures coordination between clients and developers for Industrial Projects. With a background in production engineering, he is passionate about cutting-edge technology and how to apply it to the real-world in new and innovative ways.

Programme Day 2 - Friday, March 6, 2015



A.R.T. GmbH General Management


ART Roadmap for 2015 and beyond

Ulrich Probost
A.R.T. GmbH

Ulrich Probost joined ART in 2009 as an application engineer. In addition to his day to day sales and customer support activities, he has focused on special solutions for tool tracking applications in industrial environments. Ulrich was promoted to Sales Director in April 2012.
Prior to joining ART, Ulrich studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Ulm, Germany and carried out an extended internship with Nokia Inc. in San Diego, USA. After completing his diploma thesis he joined VOLKE Consulting Engineers GmbH & Co. Planungs KG where he was involved in several development projects at BMW in Munich.


CIVR (Industrial Virtual Reality Centre) - Technocampus Smart Factory

Jean-Baptiste Guyard

How to configure a time-shared equipment composed by several heterogene VR platforms and powered by multiple clusters, in a confidential environment

Jean-Baptiste joined Immersion in 2013 as a Pre-Sales Engineer.
He is in charge of the design and cost estimation of turnkey solutions for Virtual Reality and Simulation.


On the road to markerless tracking

Dr.-Ing. Konrad Zürl, Dr. Armin Weiss
A.R.T. GmbH

We report about first successful steps and the remaining challenges on our way to markerless tracking systems.

Konrad Zürl is ART's CEO in the management team, having founded the company in 1999. The company has since experienced continuous steady growth, with a worldwide customer base. After graduating in electrical engineering at Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) in Erlangen, he progressed to scientist at the chair of Applied Optics. In 1992, he was seconded to Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ as visiting scientist. His thesis was about parallel optoelectronic data transmission. In 1995, he moved from academia to industry, holding several R&D management positions in the field of optoelectronic measurement technology, mainly for medical purposes.

Armin Weiss joined ART in 1999 and became CTO of the management team in 2002. He studied Physics at Technical University Munich, receiving a PhD on biophysical mechanisms of ‘New Forest Disease’ following experimental fieldwork in the Bavarian Alps. In 1996 he moved to industry to work on medically related optical measurement techniques in a startup company. In 1998 he joined the German based development team of Qualisys AB, working on the development of their optical tracking technology.


Good design & comfort – designer’s challenge

Shiori Washitake

OPTIS supports car manufacturers to achieve high quality comfort with the point of view of end users.
We will present the importance of ergonomic studies by referring to several use cases.

Shiori WASHITAKE is in charge of alliance and partnership in OPTIS marketing department. After having valuable experience as a sales person at OPTIS Japan, she joined OPTIS Headquarter with real customer’s voice to expand the company’s presence and to accelerate the deployment of VR solutions at the market. Prior to joining OPTIS, she worked for Christie Digital Systems who is a well-known leading company for visualization and system integration.


Closing Comments & Farewell

A.R.T. GmbH General Management


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