Academic research

Since the beginning ART has been working together with research and academic institutes from different countries. The ART research and development department and the external institutes have always been benefitting by each other. That's also a reason why we permanently reach a high development level.

IfM Institute for Mechatronics, Chemnitz, Germany

Ergonomic and biomechanical analysis at the IfM Chemnitz, Germany

The ART Motion Capture system in combination with IfM’s Human Model Software Dynamicus

Wichita State University, USA

TRACKPACK/E supports Mechdyne's largest reconfigurable VR system

Largest reconfigurable FLEX immersive visualization system ever deployed by Mechdyne is powered by an ART tracking system

University of Gdansk, Poland

ART tracking for "easy to access" immersion

ART systems support the Immersive 3D Visualization laboratory at the
Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (ETI) at the Gdańsk
University of Technology, Poland.

University of Toledo, Ohio, USA

New Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center at The University of Toledo using ART Tracking

The University of Toledo’s new Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center (UT-IISC) makes experience next to real

Agroscope, Switzerland

Welfare by the ear: Measuring ear positions of sheep with an ART tracking system

Swiss institutes examine the correlation between sheep’s ear postures and their emotional states

Fraunhofer IAIS, St. Augustin, Germany

ART optical tracking in oil and gas research

Fraunhofer IAIS’s VRGeo department presented their new Compact Cave, supported by their partners ART and Barco.

University of Potsdam, Germany

ART optical tracking in geographical research

The Institute of Earth and Environmental Science (University of Potsdam) developed a VR installation for research and teaching.

University of Dresden, Germany

ART optical tracking in the construction machinery industry

The Technical University of Dresden (TU Dresden), Institute for Construction Machines and Conveying Technology, is doing research in simulation applications and Virtual Reality for the construction machinery industry

University of Aachen, Germany

ART tracking in huge VR installations

aixCAVE project at the University of Aachen facilitates interactive exploration of scientific phenomena

University of Kassel, Germany

ART tracking for ergonomic analysis

ART systems support the human-robot-interaction laboratory of the Human-Machine Systems Engineering department at the University of Kassel, Germany

University of Stuttgart, HLRS

Hornet, the Supercomputer working with ART Tracking

At the University of Stuttgart (HLRS) you can find one of the world’s largest computers covering the most immersive VR applications

IAO Stuttgart, Germany

ART tracking in architectural and transport research

The Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO in Stuttgart developed a VR installation for diverse research projects

University of Reims, France

ART tracking supports university of Reims in entering the Virtual Reality

URCA selects ART, Christie and Antycip as partners to equip
its new “Centre Image” VR room

LIMSI institute, Paris, France

Human tracking for scientific knowledge at the LIMSI institute in Paris, France

ART is used to study interaction with complex data, in this example with emphasis on facilitating seamless, multimodal 3D interaction in a VR facility

IRISA / INRIA project in Rennes, France

ART again part of a huge VR installation

ART system supports the VR room of Immersia in Rennes, France

University of Wyoming, USA

ART tracking supports university in energy research

ART’s tracking system is part of the Energy Innovation Center (EIC) at the University of Wyoming campus at Laramie, USA

University of Northern Iowa

ART tracking supports VirtualPaint application

The Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s VirtualPaint revolutionizes the way painter training is conducted