ART optical tracking in oil and gas research

Fraunhofer IAIS’s VRGeo department presented their new Compact Cave, supported by their partners ART and Barco.

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General information

Discovering and exploring oil and gas reserves by using innovative visualization technology instead of stressing our environment – this is the mission of the VRGeo consortium, set up 15 years ago by the Fraunhofer Institute of Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS, the University of Houston and representatives of the international oil and gas industry. At its annual meeting in December 2013, the VRGeo consortium again came up with new breakthrough software and hardware solutions for interactive
visualization and interpretation workflows for seismic data.

ART tracking solution

Fraunhofer IAIS together with Barco and ART demonstrated the innovative “Compact Cave” display system. Barco's Compact Cave demonstrator is a breakthrough in immersive Virtual Reality technology, featuring a strongly reduced installation footprint and very high quality. The VRGeo R&D team has installed an application which demonstrates the interactive visualization of three-dimensional datasets from the oil and gas industry on the Compact Cave. It showed a detailed model of an oil platform and the connected technical installations below the water surface.
ART supplied a TRACKPACK4 system, their bestseller for medium-sized tracking volumes and an ideal solution for Head- and Flysticktracking in multi-sided projection environments.

Why ART?

  • ART's accurate, stable and easy to install products were the best choice for this high-quality installation
  • As long-term partners IAIS and ART know they can rely on each other which makes the collaboration easy and comfortable


  • VRGeo's special application using the Fraunhofer IAIS in-house VR-system AVANGO
  • Barco's compact CAVE demonstrator
  • ART's TRACKPACK4 system