ART again part of a huge VR installation

ART system supports the VR room of Immersia in Rennes, France

Photos: ©IRISA

General information

In June 2012 the virtual reality room Immersia was installed as a common platform of IRISA and the Bretagne-Atlantic INRIA Research center in Rennes, France.
This huge platform with full visual and sound immersion, was dedicated to real-time, multimodal (vision, sound, haptic, BCI) and immersive interaction.

ART tracking solution

The Immersia platform is a key note of the european transnational VISIONAIR (project funded by the European Commission under grant agreement 262044, infrastructure which aims at creating a European infrastructure that should be a unique, visible and attractive entry towards high level visualization facilities, and is open to the access of foreign research projects. It allows to accommodate experiments using interactive and collaborative virtual-reality applications that have multiple local or remote users.
The set up of a huge 4-sided cave, 13 Barco projectors and a tracking system of 16 ARTTRACK2 cameras combined with Flystick3 and Headtracking is enabling this aimed range of applications.

Why ART?

  • The exact tracking volume of the ARTTRACK2 cameras cover the enormous tracking area
  • The ART localization system enables real objects to be located within the U-shape

Set up:

  • Four-sided cave (9.6 width, 3.1m height, 2.9m depth)
  • 10  x Barco Galaxy NW12 projectors and 3 x Barco Galaxy 7
  • ART localization system consisting of 16 ARTTRACK2 cameras
  • Input devices: Flystick3, Headtracking