Human tracking for scientific knowledge at the LIMSI institute in Paris, France

ART is used to study interaction with complex data, in this example with emphasis on facilitating seamless, multimodal 3D interaction in a VR facility

Photos: ©LIMSI

General information

The Computer Science Laboratory for Mechanics and Engineering Sciences (LIMSI) is a CNRS laboratory (UPR 3251) associated with UPMC and Paris-Sud 11 Universities. LIMSI-CNRS is a leader of a scientific team of physicists and didacts: Université Paris-Sud and University Paris-Diderot.
Since 2006, ongoing researches in the VR field were done with support of ART tracking systems. The large immersive setup at LIMSI-CNRS is used by the VENISE group to conduct cutting edge-research in the field of advanced interaction with complex data.  

ART tracking solution

A complex set up of 9 ARTTRACK3 cameras, combined with multiple ART targets and Fingertracking, using the ART-Human software for human Motion Capture tracking was fulfilling the high requirements to handle complex data streams. LIMSI project manager Jean-Marc Vézien: “We've been using the ART tracking system for many years and it never ceased to deliver the best quality in motion tracking. The reliability of the system and its ease-of-use is excellent. Upgrading to new versions, extending area coverage, moving towards motion capture, everything went smoothly. Thumbs up and long live ART!”

Why ART?

  • The accuracy, stability and high quality of ART products were mandatory in this project
  • “Easy to use & easy to adapt to new situations” are strong advantages of ART products, ideal for research configurations or quick demo setup.
  • A good and long partnership between LIMSI and ART makes the collaboration very comfortable

Set up:

  • CAVE-like system, 7 screens including a retro-projected floor.
  • 7 HD BARCO NH-12 high-frequency stereo capable projectors.
  • Software: BlenderCAVE, Virtools, RTMaps, and many many homemade tools.
  • 9 x ARTTRACK3 cameras with multiple targets
  • Fingertracking
  • ART-Human software