ART tracking supports VirtualPaint application

The Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s VirtualPaint revolutionizes the way painter training is conducted

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General information

The Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) is a non-profit program of Business and Community Services at the University of Northern Iowa. IWRC provides various industries with environmentally focused consultation, education and products. For over 20 years IWRC has focused on using new technologies to enhance painter training methods.
By utilizing virtual reality technology, the Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s VirtualPaint revolutionizes the way painter training is conducted. It eliminates the need for actual coatings, parts, even a spray booth and takes training into the classroom.
Clients from the industrial sector to military, and educational institutions to collision repair incorporate VirtualPaint to make training more efficient and sustainable. No waiting for coatings to be mixed or parts to cure, plus no air emissions or hazardous wastes being generated.
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ART tracking solution

Multiple components work seamlessly together to produce realistic representations of a painter’s spray patterns. Real spray guns, ART’s SMARTTRACK and software based on real-world data monitor the position, orientation and speed of the spray gun to produce realistic immediate feedback.

Why ART?

Reliable tracking is crucial for the VirtualPaint. As the painter sprays, the tracking system is what pinpoints the location and angle of the spray gun. Without accurate tracking, spray patterns would not be realistic and the training effectiveness of VirtualPaint would diminish.
“The accuracy, portability and simplicity of the SMARTTRACK tracking system are crucial to the effectiveness of VirtualPaint.” says Jeremiah Treloar, Program Manager at the IWRC.

Set up:

  • Rear projection screen or TV
  • Tracking system: SMARTTRACK
  • Computer / Laptop
  • Spray Guns: Pressure Feed, Gravity Feed, Airless or Air-Assisted Airless