ART tracking supports university in energy research

ART’s tracking system is part of the Energy Innovation Center (EIC) at the University of Wyoming campus at Laramie, USA


General information

The Energy Innovation Center (EIC) at the University of Wyoming installed Wyoming’s first CAVE™ – a room-sized advanced visualization solution that combines high-resolution, stereoscopic projection and 3-D computer graphics to create a complete sense of presence in a virtual environment.

ART tracking solution

The CAVE™ was installed in April 2013 by Mechdyne, one of the world's leading providers of innovative visual information technologies. It complements the primary function of the EIC – to help faculty, students and industry experts collaborate and create ‘what if’ scenarios,” said Brent Redman, Account Manager for Mechdyne.
The CAVE™ is housed in the 3-D Visualization Research Lab at the EIC, which is a newly constructed LEED building connected to one of the largest supercomputers in the world, at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Wyoming Supercomputing Center located in Cheyenne.
One use of the lab is the ability to model how oil, gas, and water move and interact in the subsurface.
Users of CAVE™ technologies include universities, scientific research organizations, oil & gas and other energy companies, and manufacturing and design organizations.

Why ART?

  • Again ART’s accurate and reliable tracking was a convincing argument
  • The short latency and the immunity to spheric and magnetic interferences of ART tracking systems is another valuable advantage for chosing our high quality products.

Set up:

  • 4 sided CAVE™
  • Digital Projection Titan 800 1080P 3D
  • 4 x TRACKPACK cameras
  • ART Flystick2 with Headtracking
  • Software: getReal3d for Showcase, ConduitTM, Autodesk Showcase Professional