NETe2 Asia

New VR center in Singapore

Founded on the 13th Day of June, 2000, NETe2 Asia has grown to become the leading System Integrator in the provision of Complex Turn-key Solutions, in the areas of Professional Video Conferencing and Total Unified Conferencing Solutions, Audio Visual Integration, Video Surveillance, Multimedia Solutions, with a unique Software Development Arm for a Complete System Customization. Headquartered in Singapore, NETe2 Asia’s regional offices are located in Malaysia, Hong Kong.
Well entrenched with our clients spanning across Non-Profit Organizations, Multi-National Corporations, Commercial Clients, Government Agencies and Military Services and Contractors, NETe2 Asia has time and again proven its firm belief in achieving Technical Excellence and timely delivery of projects.

Why ART?

ART has very high quality and reliable tracking cameras for our immersive 3D virtual reality projection systems. Their expertise in VR technology and great sales and technical support have been a key contribution to the successful implementation of our project with the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore.


Success Story with NET2e Asia: here