Nowatron Elektronik

Nowatron Elektronik, spol. s r. o. was established in 1992, with contacts among world’s manufacturers, good knowledge and long experience on the market. Modern technologies, high level of expertise, professionalism, excellent services - all these factors allow Nowatron Elektronik to supply not only single products but also to offer complex technical solutions - training centres, conference halls, museums, congress centres, advertising and information systems, control rooms, digital cinemas, planetariums, 3D stereoscopic projections, virtual reality solutions and many others. The company has offices in Prague, Brno (the Czech Republic) and Bratislava (the Slovak Republic).

Project at SKODA Autos with ART tracking:
The Nowatron Elektronik company equipped the virtual reality studio with the modern visual display technologies. The studio is located in the automotive manufacturer Skoda Auto Pilot hall in Mlada Boleslav. 

A special 3D stereoscopic projection consisting of four projection screens called CAVE was installed in the studio. These exceptional four-sided Cave displays surround the observers from three sides and the image is also projected on the floor.

One pair of projectors Barco F35 WQXGA with a native resolution of 2560 x 1600 px was supplied for each screen.
Passive circular polarisation provides 3D stereoscopic visual perception, so that each pair of the projector projects separate image for left and right eye of the observer.
Using 3D glasses, the image is filtered so that the image information gets into the correct eye of the viewer, which then the brain evaluates as spatial perception. 
A virtual simulation of the final installation and assembly of the cars as well as verification of errors discovered on pre-production vehicles (PVS) are performed in the supplied CAVE solution. The tracking is covered by an ARTTRACK3 system.

Virtual reality helps to streamline and accelerate the work of development engineers and provides a considerable cost saving solution.

Why ART?

SKODA Autos have chosen the ART tracking system as it’s compatible with their applications, it is reliable and functional, it is VW standard and it has very good references.