Viscon/ART project at Fendt in Marktoberdorf / Germany (©Christie)

VISCON develops and delivers high-performance VR-Center, starting with 1-channel stereo on- or rear projections, flat, multichannel multi-large-screen rear projections (VR Powerwall), multichannel, curved stereo-multi-large-screen rear projections (Simulation Dome), full immersive 3D-room installations, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-sided (VR Cave), 2-flat, L-shaped 3D-projections (VR Bench), up to high-performance air traffic control simulators (Simulation Space).
VISCON is an independent company. We are in a position to deliver all projection technologies of different vendors, which exactly matched to the needs of customers. Thus we are in a position to realize the complete integration of VR displays.

Our performance is characterized by our core competencies and by our flexibility in conjunction with fast response times. The technical progress in VR and the optimal use of various components open us the possibility, to realize the visions and desires of our customers. We offer our customers no standard solutions, but shall jointly develop the optimal solution for the requirement asked.
Our expertise stems from a variety of successful projects and customer installations in the industries of Automotive, Aerospace and Transportation and the machinery and plant construction. Renowned institutions from research and teaching are also on our know-how. Together with our strong partners, who know the individual requirements and process steps in every detail, we are working on innovative visualization solutions, to open decisive advantages in global competition to our customers.

Why ART?

Special Projects with ART: Fendt Marktoberdorf
On a 5m x 2.6m passive stereo power wall CAD models can be visualized by various agricultural machines. Two Christie 3-chip DLP ® projectors, an ART TRACKPACK4 system and a large Stewart rear projection screen are the main components of the giant installation.
We choosed ART for that project because the operation of the entire system should be as simple as possible in order to facilitate an effective and constructive work. Furthermore during the installation of this system, the maximum image size had to be realized at
maximum resolution and maximum light output, presupposing low service and maintenance costs and a high reliability.


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