“The Living Heart project” using ART tracking

A Translational Research Initiative to Revolutionize Cardiovascular Science Through Realistic Simulation

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General information

Dassault Systemes, long known for its 3D design software used in industries including aerospace, manufacturing and architecture, unveiled in the Living Heart Project in 2014 to create 3D models that simulate a human heart.  The simulator will be used to test medical devices, improve clinical diagnosis and guide pre-surgical planning. It allows for virtual tests and visualization of the heart’s response in ways that aren’t possible with traditional physical testing.
The Project consists of 45 contributing member organizations, which include more than 100 cardiovascular specialists from across research, industry and medicine, have access to the heart simulator for testing, enabling the acceleration of the program via crowdsourcing.
In November of 2014 it signed a five-year collaborative research agreement with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Living Heart Project became commercially available in May of 2015.

ART tracking solution

Visitors at the Dassault Systèmes’ Waltham offices are able to navigate through the organ. The virtual heart is simulated on a screen using nine projectors. Inside a specially designed room, the 3D Cave, a person can put on a pair of 3-D glasses and take a virtual walking tour through a beating, sectioned heart or fly through the chambers tracking the path of blood. Using a joystick, one can also rotate the image. Markers on the glasses are read by ART’s infrared cameras that understand the person’s stance and position and adjust the image the visitor is seeing as they move their head or walk around the room.

Why ART?

  • If it comes to high-precision requirements such as in medicine, very accurate and stable running devices are mandatory. The requirements in tracking could be perfectly fulfilled by the ART tracking system
  • As long-term partners Dassault Systèmes and ART maintain a very positive and reliable cooperation which makes common projects very effective and successful

Set up:

  • 4 x ARTTRACK2 cameras
  • 4 x TRACKPACK/C cameras
  • 9 Barco Galaxy NW-12 projectors
  • Software: Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform with SIMULIA, 3DEXCITE and 3DVIA applications
  • ART Flystick2 and ART Headtracking

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