The future of retail goes VR: with support of ART tracking

PICOM is presenting its brand new Shopping Innovation lab in a 900 m² building of Eurotechnologies in Lille, France


General information

October 12, 2015, was D-day for PICOM, the French ‘Industries of Commerce Competitiveness Cluster’. At 11.30h sharp, the organization proudly inaugurated the Shopping Innovation Lab (SILAB) it had been dreaming of for years: a unique place dedicated to the technology that is shaping the retail experience of the future. The lab’s eye catcher? An impressive, immersive 3D virtual reality CAVE, featuring the latest technology for immersive VR experience.

ART tracking solution

The SILAB features three main technological platforms, which represent the three main sales channels of the future: at home, in the shop and mobile. To simulate commercial environments (shop, commercial center, commercial drive …), Immersion, European 3D expert, set up a unique, four-sided immersive CAVE with movable sidewalls. Four Barco RLM-W14 three-chip projectors with Active Stereo 3D help users to simulate retail spaces in 3D and examine the customer behavior. The tracking is covered by a 4 x TRACKPACK/E system from ART.


  • ART tracking could fulfill the requirements for a fast and smooth data transfer
  • ART could provide the complete tracking system required such as:
    • Very accurate and reliable tracking cameras (TRACKPACK/E)
    • Interaction device Flystick3
    • Headtracking devices
  • The cooperation with ART is very pleasant and successful since years

Set up:

  • Barco 3D CAVE
  • four Barco RLM-W14 projectors1 floor projection (front projection)
  • four TRACKPACK/E cameras
  • Input devices: Flystick3 with Headtracking