State Grid Power industry VR Training system using ART

A virtual training simulation system for the Power Industry of State Grid was installed very successfully end of 2012 in Suzhou, China


General information

State Grid is the largest power supply company in China. Real training in the power industry is expensive and hard to maintain, therefore State Grid developed their own simulation training system. The trainees now can practice in the environment where there is no danger. In this immersed virtual training system, trainees can feel the model at scale 1:1 and work exactly the same as if they were in the real working situation.

ART tracking solution

The training system was completed at the end of 2012 with the help of our Chinese partner GDI. Now State Grid is continuing developing their training system in order to provide better results for their trainees every year.
ART has played a very important role in the whole system. With the high accuracy optical tracking, the interactions of human operations have come to life.
The stage with a wide Powerwall projection is about 10 meters wide and 3.5 meters high.
The Tracking volume is a 6 x 6 x 3 meter area constructed on the left hand side of the projection. Eight ARTTRACK2 cameras were installed in order to enable full body Motion Capture and Fingertracking for the VR training system.

Why ART?

  • ART makes the human training interaction possible
  • The high tracking accuracy allows the training simulation to be as close as reality

Set up:

  • Powerwall of 10 m width and 3.5 me height
  • Christie Digital projector WU7K-M
  • 8 x ARTTRACK2 cameras with full body Motion Capture and Fingertracking
  • Flystick2