ART offers 3 different ranges of tracking systems:

ARTTRACK systems:

Consisting of single intelligent tracking cameras and one central controller with DTrack2 software.
Fully scalable from 2 to 50 cameras, up to 45 6DOF targets simultaneously tracked.

The current model ARTTRACK5 can be arbitrarily combined with its antecessors ARTTRACK2 and ARTTRACK3, as well as with TRACKPACK cameras.


TRACKPACK systems:

Available in a 2- up to 8-camera version connected to one ART Controller with DTrack2 software.
TRACKPACK systems are recommended for medium sized tracking volumes and can be combined with ARTTRACK5 and ARTTRACK5/C cameras.



A fully integrated stereo camera system for small tracking volumes. It contains 2 cameras and one controller with DTrack2 software in a compact housing. Tracking of up to 4 targets simultaneously.

“In early 2000, after some years fighting against electromagnetic tracking solutions, I needed a high-end real-time tracking system for a brand new V.R. Platform. I turned to ART optical systems at first only for accuracy issues, but I have discovered over these past 10 years of working together, that robustness and innovation were also other good reasons why I am happy to continue using ART products.”

Frederic Rabellino, Renault Trucks SAS / Volvo AB