Please note:

The production of these controllers has stopped. Please have a look at our successor model, the ART Controller.

If you need support or service for this model, please contact us here.

ARTTRACK Controller

The ARTTRACK Controller is the core of the ARTTRACK System. It is connected to the local network and fully remote-controlled either via commands from your media control panel or the DTrack2 front-end. The Controller performs all tracking calculations as well as the control of the cameras and input devices.


  • Easy remote access through front-end software
  • Data output via Ethernet
  • Simple camera and target management
  • Flexible adjustment of room and body coordinates
  • Convenient configuration management
  • Software Interfaces: trackd, VRPN or direct via SDK
  • Wake on LAN
  • NTP syncronisation available


ATC - Cubus Controller (standard)
Rackmount 19''

Technical Data


Cubus (standard housing)
Size 335 mm x 201 mm x 269 mm
Weight 5,75 kg
Rackmount PC (19")  
Size 422 mm x 493 mm x 88 mm (2U)
Weight 10,25 kg

Power Supply

Voltage 110-240 V
Max. power consumption 250 W


Synchronisation out BNC, 75 Ω
Synchronisation in BNC, 75 Ω
Data in Ethernet 100 Mbit/s
Data out Ethernet 100 Mbit/s
Service access USB 2.0