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The production of these cameras has stopped. Please have a look at our successor model, the ARTTRACK5/C.

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The TRACKPACK/C camera combines all features introduced with the TRACKPACK camera with a housing especially designed for closed multi-sided projections (e.g. CAVE or I-Space). In such an environment it is necessary to drill holes into the projections’ corners as the camera cannot see through the screen.
The TRACKPACK/C has been specifically designed to provide an extremely discrete visual appearance in Cave systems. This is possible because the camera component is mounted on an extended arm which protrudes through a small drilled aperture in the corners of the Cave’s screens (diameter demand of the holes: 42mm), whilst the electronics and cabling are hidden from view at the rear.


  • Max. tracking distance: 3.0 m
  • Noiseless, no fan
  • Inbuilt infrared flash (NIR, 850 nm)
  • Modulated flash for active marker synchronisation
  • Standard focal length: f = 3.6 mm
  • Standard field of view: 81° x 62°

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Side view
Frontal view

Technical Data

Measurement Principle

infrared optical tracking camera, to work with passive or active markers

IR Source

inbuilt IR LED flash, wavelength 850 nm
flash energy adjustable in 7 steps (controlled by software DTrack2)


Frame rate max. 60 fps (adjustable)
Working distance up to 3 m with passive markers, depending on marker size

Field of View (FoV)

Available focal lengthFoV 
focal length 3.6 mm horiz: 79 deg, vert: 58 deg  

Cable Connections

Synchronisation / power RJ 45
Data out Firewire A (6 pin)

Power Supply

Voltage 12 V
Power consumption 6 W


Size 228 mm  x 77 mm x 58 mm
Weight 0.45 kg