The Flystick2 is our widely-used wireless interaction device for standard VR applications with a protected passive target.

The Flystick2 has 6 buttons and an analog joystick. Up to 4 Flysticks can be used simultaneously. The wireless data transmission to the controller is guaranteed by a USB radio transreceiver in the ISM band. Flystick2 data can be received by trackd, VRPN, VR Juggler and most applications with direct interfaces.

Also available:
wired Flystick2 solution!
For installations where radio transmission is not possible or even not allowed we developed this corded version of our Flystick2.


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Flystick2 with passive target
Easy to handle
Wired Flystick2

Technical Data


Buttons 4 on top, 1 trigger button, additional button function by pressing joystick
Joystick 2D analog joystick

Radio Module

Type ID IEEE 802.15.4
Frequency ISM frequency range available: 2400.00 – 2483.50 MHz , 8 channels
Transmission power 1 mW


Tracking range
(@ 3,5mm focal length)
approx. 4m
Radio range at least 7m
Wired range
supplied with 10m cable

Power Supply

Rechargeable batteries 3 standard micro batteries (AAA)
Continuous operation¹
Battery charging duration
at least 10 hours


Size approx. 20 x 10 cm
Weight approx. 280 g

¹only valid for new batteries