Customised Targets

In addition to our standard target collection, we specialise in creating non-standard targets customized to your specifications, varying size or radiant power, using passive or active markers. If you have special requirements regarding the target design, we can help by developing an appropriate rapid prototyping layout.

Guidelines for self-made targets

Self-made targets allow for the flexibility which developers and researchers need for testing purposes. Upon request ART provides the corresponding material for passive and active targets, such as retroreflective foil or electronics.

If you want to build up your own targets, you have to apply only a few simple rules (the figures refer to tracking setups with at most 4 m camera-target distance):

  • a target consists of at least 4 markers in a fixed constellation
  • the minimum marker distance within a target should exceed 3 cm
  • all distances of all markers in a target should differ by at least 5 mm

Should you want to track more than one self-made target in your setup, there are additional aspects you have to consider:

  • the difficulty of creating self-made targets for one tracking setup increases with the number of targets, and
  • a self-made target may not work together with standard or future ART targets

The marker distances within a target serve as a key to identify that target. More precisely, any subset of 4 markers and the corresponding marker distances are enough for identification. Any two targets with similar marker constellations will not be distinguishable and risk being incorrectly identified. This becomes a more and more complicated problem the more targets you want to use. The risk in constructing a new target is that, without knowing it, you may create a constellation of markers which is similar to one of the precalculated ART targets.

If you want to use your self-made targets together with standard ART targets, we can help by checking for dangerous similarities between both target sets. Please note that currently we do not offer calculations to check for similarities within the set of your self-made targets. If you need a large set of targets, purchasing our precalculated ones will ensure that the problem of similarity within a set does not occur.