Spherical Markers

Spherical markers are plastic spheres with a precisely centric M3 threaded insert, which are hand-coated with a highly retro-reflective film, for the most accurate optical tracking possible (see picture above).

They are also available as a coated version with a robust surface. We provide these coated markers in the following sizes: 14 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm.

Available sizes are:
Size [mm]~ Size [1/64 in]
12 30.2
14 35.3
16 40.3
20 50.4
30 75.6

Flat Markers

Flat markers are pre-cut circular pieces of self-adhesive retro-reflective film.

Available sizes are:
Size [mm]~ Size [1/64 in]
10 25.2
12,5 31.5
15 37.8
20 50.4

Robust Ring Markers

Ring markers can be fitted on almost any cylindrical object such as torque wrenches or screw drivers. Sometimes tracking of tools with flexible parts is required, in order to find the exact position of the tool tip. With special calibration and tracking algorithms it is possible to account for the motion of the extension and track the tool tip with a precision of less than 5 mm.

Glasses target with ring markers
Target for Tablet PC