Glasses Targets

For head tracking in passive or active stereo systems, tracking targets must be affixed to the stereo glasses. ART offers lightweight standard targets as well as several adapted targets (e.g. clip-on) for a range of commercially available stereo glasses.

For some glasses brands we offer the smaller and less obtrusive target geometry 8 (e.g. XPT8) additionally to the bigger, function optimized geometries 4 to 6.

Naming convention:   short name + target geometry
For example: AET4

Shutter Glasses ART short name Target geometry
Cinema3d C3dT 4,5
Crystal Eyes3 CE3T 4 to 6
Crystal Eyes5 CE5T 4,5
Epson ELPGS03 ELPGS03T 4,9
Eyes3Shut E3ST 4
Glasses Target, generic GT 4,5,6
Infitec Premium IPT 4
Virtalis ActiveWorks 500 AWT 4
Volfoni Activeyes AET 4
Volfoni EDGE EGT 4,5,8
XPAND101 XP101T 4,5,8
XPAND103 XP103T 4
XPAND104 XP104T 4
XPAND105 XP105T 4
3d Vision 3dVT 4,5

Some of the targets may involve longer delivery times.


Hand & Tree Targets

Hand target

The hand target is designed for hands and elbows in usability/assembly studies. It is also frequently used as a small general-purpose target.

  • HT23, HT25, HT26, HT27, HT29 through HT32


Claw target

The claw target looks just the same as the hand target, but comes in a bigger size and is equipped with bigger markers.

  • CT11 through CT16


Large hand target

This new hand target is designed for hand tracking in a two-camera tracking system. Its large size allows the user to make almost any movement with the hand without producing any occlusions.

  • LHT1 and LHT2


Tree target

Originally designed for tracking HMDs, the tree target is a general-purpose target for tracking from longer distances (see picture above). It is equipped with 20 mm markers.

  • TT1 through TT5
Handtarget HT23
Clawtarget CT11
Large Hand Target 1
Tree Target

Motion Capture Targets

ART provides a complete set of targets for Motion Capture (MoCap) purposes. All targets are 6DOF targets and can be identified by the tracking system. Up to 17 targets (including one glasses target and two hand targets) can be used at a time. All MoCap targets are available with coated markers.

A full ART MoCap target set consists of:

  • 1 Tree or glasses target (head)
  • 2 Umeris targets (shoulder)
  • 1 Dorsum target (back)
  • 2 Humerus targets (upper arm)
  • 2 Ulna targets (forearm)
  • 2 Hand targets (hand)
  • 1 Waist target (waist)
  • 2 Femur targets (thigh)
  • 2 Tibia targets (shinbone)
  • 2 Foot targets (foot)

The upper body target set for the third subject consists of:

  • 1 Glasses target (head)
  • 2 Humerus targets (upper arm)
  • 2 Ulna targets (forearm)
  • 2 Hand targets (hand)
Our Motion Capture Targets

Customized Passive Targets

In addition to our standard target collection, we specialise in creating non-standard targets customized to your specifications, varying size or radiant power. If you have special requirements regarding the target design, we can help by developing an appropriate rapid prototyping layout.

Target for Logitech Gamepad F710

As a special solution for gaming applications we designed a target for the Gamepad by Logitech. Of course it can be adapted to other Gamepad geometries.



Sensics zSight Target

A special target for the Sensics zSight SXGA HMD is built with coated markers for a robust tracking solution. Two different target geometries are available to allow concurrent usage of two HMDs in one tracking system.


Target for NVisor SX 60

Specially developed target with passive markers for the head-mounted display
NVisor SX 60.


Robust Passive Targets

To track objects (e.g. tools) in industrial environments, targets have to be lightweight and robust. They should be inconspicuous and must not disturb the operators in their activity. With a target attached to both a tool and the processed object, the user can get all relevant information like position and rotation. A target can be designed with passive (ring) markers or active LED diodes.
A robust passive target uses laminated spherical markers. With the lamination the worker can touch it and it can be cleaned without damaging the reflection film. The geometry is bigger than an active target but no power supply is necessary.


Target for Logitech Gamepad F710
Sensics zSight target
NVisor SX60
Robust Passive Target
Glasses target with ring markers
Target for Tablet PC