Our all-rounder software: DTrack2

The ART software DTrack2 controls all functions of the entire tracking system. The tracking system itself consists of cameras, interaction devices, targets and one ARTTRACK or TRACKPACK Controller.

The DTrack2 consists of front-end and back-end software. The front-end software is installed on a remote PC which is connected to the Controller via Ethernet. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables the user to control the tracking system completely from the remote PC, making the system more flexible (i.e. different users sitting at different working places can control the tracking system at any one time). The Linux-based back-end software runs on the Controller, which does all necessary calculations (3DOF, 6DOF data, etc ). The data is exchanged between the Controller and the remote PC via a TCP/IP connection.

The necessary type of license for DTrack2 depends on the number of cameras and targets required by the system. The license itself is bound to the ART Controller and is valid for an unlimited number of users.

The latest version is always available in our Download Center.

Characteristics of DTrack2

The following list represents an extract of DTrack2’s capacity:

  • easy remote access to the Controller by a PC on which the DTrack2 software is installed
  • remote control through the exchange of short command strings (ASCII) via TCP/IP even without the DTrack2 front-end software. Command strings can be embedded in media-control or custom software to control the tracking system, e.g. configurations can be loaded remotely
  • force the Controller to go into standby mode
  • License management
  • different configurations can be created, e.g. with different targets or flash settings. These are related to the name of the user and are thus easily assignable.
  • update of the cameras via frontend
  • exact and fast room calibration and fast body calibration
  • the system is ready to use in a few minutes after changes to the camera positions
  • simultaneous detection and tracking of up to 30 rigid bodies (targets)
  • additional single 3DOF markers can be recognized and tracked
  • the Monitor Mode represents 2D camera coordinates and makes the system setup more comfortable and adjustable
  • a set of adjustable parameters for each attached camera supports adaptations for different tracking volumes and requirements: i.e. flash brightness
  • integration of the Flystick and direct transfer of space coordinates, rotation and simultaneous transfer of pushbutton events with the output data
  • data output via Ethernet
  • easy manipulation of 6DOF targets via body adjustment