The ARTTRACK System is our classic optical tracking solution, developed in 1999 and regularly updated to meet current customer needs. It guarantees a high reliability especially in big tracking volumes. It is the best solution for interaction with our Fingertracking and in Motion Capture applications.

System Performance

  • Up to 50 cameras possible in one installation (starting with DTrack2 v2.8.1)
  • Fast and easy to calibrate
  • 6DOF measurement with high accuracy
  • Robust against magnetic, electric and acoustic interference
  • No optical crosstalk between cameras
  • Support of wireless active and passive targets
  • Custom-built targets supported
  • External synchronization possible, e.g. shutter glasses
  • Useable with Flystick, Fingertracking and Motion Capture

Please note that ARTTRACK2 and ARTTRACK3 are discontinued.

If you need support or service for these models, please contact us here.

Our ART tracking system with 4 ARTTRACK1 cameras has been in continuous use now for more than 10 years. The fact that even after this long time the system runs smoothly and accurately has convinced me completely of the quality of ART products.

Markus Herb, TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH + Co. KG,
Software-Development / New product development / Tools & Add-ons