ARTTRACK5 is the next generation of our ARTTRACK camera family, the standard for immersive 3D applications in industry and research.  

ARTTRACK5’s enhanced features offer higher frame rate and resolution, as well as increased flexibility for all motion tracking applications. Our tradition of creating the world’s most accurate, reliable and stable motion tracking cameras continues.


  • Frame rate up to 300 Hz
  • Sensor resolution 1.3 megapixels (full frame mode)
  • Reduced setup time with only one cable per camera
  • Noiseless, no fan
  • Inbuilt infrared flash (NIR, 850 nm)
  • Modulated flash for active marker synchronisation
  • Integrated image processing
  • Support of active and passive targets
  • Standard focal length: f = 3.5 mm



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...with ceiling mount in the box
ARTTRACK5 product video

Technical Data

Measurement Principle

infrared optical 6dof tracking camera, to work with passive or active markers

IR Source

invisible IR: 850 nm
flash intensity: adjustable


Sensor resolution 1.3 MPixels
Frame rate up to 300 Hz (see below)
Frustum 100 m³

Field of View (FoV)

Lens   Camera Mode
1.3 MPix
150 Hz
0.8 MPix
240 Hz
0.5 MPix
300 Hz
 3.5 mm  FoV (horiz. x vert.)
 Max. tracking range*
98° x 77°
5.5 m
77° x 57°
5.5 m
60° x 44°
5.5 m
 4.5 mm  FoV (horiz. x vert.)
 Max. tracking range*
75° x 60°
6.3 m
60° x 45°
6.3 m
47° x 35°
6.3 m
 6 mm  FoV (horiz. x vert.)
 Max. tracking range*
54° x 44°
7.5 m
44° x 33°
7.5 m
34° x 26°
7.5 m

* based on 12 mm markers

Connectivity & Power Supply

single cable solution via Gigabit Ethernet, RJ45, PoE+
up to 100m cable possible

Status indicator

status LEDs & alphanumeric display

Operating temperature

up to 35°C

Camera body dimensions

Size 100 mm x 100 mm x 92 mm
Weight 950 g


ART ceiling mount D2 or standard UNC tripod thread (1/4")

Technical certifications

FCC, NRTL, EN55022, EN55024, EN60950