What is it?

ART offers different kinds of training concepts in order to achieve a high user knowledge and therefor a full
utilization of our high-quality products:

  • a 2-days in-house training at the ART building in Weilheim, Germany
  • an on-site-training, if you wish that we step by to support you with hands on your installation

See more about possible training contents at the tab "training contents"!


Of course every participant who has completed an ART training will receive an appropriate certificate.


Please send an email to petra.kluge(at)ar-tracking(.)de and we will give you further information
about contents, costs and conditions.

Training contents

 Please find here a first survey of possible training contents:

  1. ART tracking technology basics
  2. ART tracking systems
  3. Interaction devices
    1. Fingertracking
    2. Flystick2 / Flystick3
    3. Measurement Tool
  4. Motion Capture standard / hybrid
    1. ART-Human
    2. Interfaces
  5. Shutter glasses
  6. DTrack2 Software
  7. Hands-On
    1. Installation
    2. Settings
    3. Fault indications and solutions
    4. Tips & Tricks

If you have any other questions or suggestions for further contents in mind,
please tell us!